We are excited & honored to be the official photographer/videographer of the 2017 Muay Thai World Expo! 

We offer a variety of ways to enjoy the tourney, including streaming, high-def downloads and DVD/Blurays.

World Expo Videos

We have a lot of ways for you to enjoy and remember the Expo. 

Here are the 4 options for purchasing your fights:

- Live stream during the event

- order a HD digital download of individual fights (delivery within 24 hours)

- Purchase a division DVD/HD BluRay of the tournament.  They are always priced right at $15/$20 per division + shipping.  

- You can pick up all Championship bouts (all Sunday fights) for $80 or the entire Tournament for $210.

Championship Photos

Note: the full-resolution digital images are the most popular choice.  They are $14 per image.  They are priced at $9 because we cannot remove the shipping charge of $5, so the total will be $14 in your cart.  Unless you order more than one, then you're getting a deal (for example, two images would be $23 instead of $28).